Name: Peter Mandle

E-Mail: Pete@2menandthemouse.com

Birthday: 07/09/1976

Favorite Disney Park: EPCOT

Favorite Disney Resort: Beach Club

Favorite Disney Character: Maleficent

A late bloomer, Pete did not discover the joys of a Disney vacation until 1998.  Being bombarded by commercials for Disney’s newest park, Animal Kingdom and looking for a weekend away he and his girlfriend (now wife) Heather tried Walt Disney World.  It has been a huge part of his life ever since.  From proposing in the frozen (literally) winter of 2000, being pregnant unknowingly (whoops) to Ethan and Abby’s first ice creams, trips to Disney have become an annual pilgrimage.  Pete owns and operates Rogue Comics and Collectibles in Cranford, NJ, where he ends up talking a healthy dose of Disney with trip planning families.

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