Planners Assemble! I am one of you.

Are you like me?  Planning the trip is at least half the fun.  I already have the concepts of the next 2 trips planned out in my head a little.  I can’t help it.  It’s a Disney sickness.  I can’t be alone, right?

As the months go by and we approach the big day (the 180 day mark), some of the specifics might change.  Last second changes to ADRs.  I’ll sometimes make a second itinerary in case I need backups while making my ADRs.

Well this blog is going to be about Disneyworld and my planning adventures.  I am never short for opinions on all things Disney.

BTW, I invited Michael Eisner to my wedding in 2003 and he responded.  Have I gone too far?

One thought on “Planners Assemble! I am one of you.”

  1. I cant wait to start following your blog, I love your podcast ! I never plan anything but when it comes to Disney I am as type “A” as you can get

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